Covid-19: Consumer credit industry remains committed to customer wellbeing

Eurofinas would like to emphasise that consumer credit providers across Europe remain fully dedicated to supporting European households which may face difficulties in this unprecedented time.

We are working together with our customers and key partners to ensure the best solutions are utilised, that consumers are rightly informed and that unjust and unnecessary impacts on customers’ credit ratings are avoided.

The situation at hand requires the full and joint commitment of all private and public stakeholders to effectively meet the challenges brought forward and to ensure the well-being of European citizens and economies. We welcome measures taken at both the European and local levels in responding to the situation, and it remains crucial to ensure that consumers and businesses are supported in both the acute situation and in the time following.

Providers remain committed in ensuring that European citizens, in line with responsible lending principles, have access to the appropriate financial products, providing them with financial flexibility when needed.