Our mission

The mission of Eurofinas is to represent and promote the interests of its members at European level as the natural voice of the specialised consumer credit providers in Europe.

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Who we are

We bring together national associations throughout Europe representing finance houses, specialised banks, captive finance companies for manufacturers and universal banks. The scope of products covered by Eurofinas members ranges from personal loans and revolving credit to point of sale finance and car finance, to mortgages. Our members support consumers in their purchases of personal cars, washing machines, further education, homes and much much more.

How we achieve our mission

  • represent the specialised consumer credit industry vis-à -vis the European institutions and other international bodies as a fair and reliable partner and a contact point for key stakeholders
  • inform members of all European and/or international developments that may impact their industry
  • develop and defend industry positions that are supported by technical research and expertise
  • produce detailed statistics on consumer credit in order to i) explain who the Federation represents and its importance in the economy and ii) assess the current state of the market and identify trends
  • provide members with a platform to (i) exchange views and best practices; (ii) network and (iii) meet relevant third parties (EU officials, experts, etc)

Eurofinas is a member of the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).